Silver Moon Catamaran tour in Bridgetown Barbados.

In our many cruise travels and those of our guests, we are always on the lookout for exceptional tours and experiences. One name that has come up a few times from our guests who visit Barbados are the guys and…. gals for the politically correct is Silver Moon. When we hear a name once or twice from our guests we go looking. So we’ve checked and read the reviews on Trip Advisor and anywhere else we can find information on Silver Moon. All looks great with Silver Moon Catamaran Cruises and we recommend checking them out if you are looking for an excursion on your next cruise stop into Barbados. If you are reading this blog and you are not taking a cruise, check them out anyway! When you need a cruise, come see us.

About the tour, their lunch cruises sail every morning at 9:00 AM with just 12 passengers on board. With only 12 passengers it avoids that feeling you get on some shore excursions of being herded from one stable to the next. With such a low head count this would feel more like a private tour. Return time will be 2 pm, giving you enough time to meet the ship.

Hear Silver Moon tell it..”Sit back and relax with a full drink in hand as we set sail. Swim face to face with famous Barbados Sea Turtles—and get close enough to touch their smooth, hard shells. Dive deep into a 19th-century shipwreck to explore the marine life, coral, and secrets within. Or just unwind on deck—bronzing in the sun, feeling tickled by the ocean spray, making friends, and embracing Barbados.”

This could be as low or high impact of a tour as you want, those are options you love to have on a tour. That’s vacation mode!

Our guest, former banker and now frequent cruiser Gwen P. from South Carolina (likes Carnival and Royal Caribbean) “Best excursion every, can’t remember having such a relaxing time on a tour, can’t wait to go back!”

Excursion details:


5-hour catamaran cruise from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Includes two snorkeling stops – one with the famous Barbados sea turtles, and one at a historic shipwreck. This luxury excursion is limited to just 12 passengers. The price per Adults is US$115, and Children tickets are US$85 (ages 3-11).


A bajan–style buffet lunch is served on our pristine catamarans. Unlimited drinks are available on board (including alcohol). Ground transportation is included to and from your hotel or cruise ship. We provide full snorkeling equipment and instruction, but you are welcome to bring your own gear, too.


Many cruise ship guests join them, from many cruise lines! Please note that this excursion must be booked (i.e. not at your excursions desk). Cruise ship days fill up far in advance. They recommend “BOOK EARLY to avoid disappointment”. Fits our message here at Best Site To Book A Cruise, book early!