One question we get often is… What is the 82% off I see advertised by some cruise agencies?(Insert any random percentage, the more outrageous the better) If you are like most cruisers you have signed up for a few newsletters who promise tips, tricks, and exclusive deals. Don’t confuse cruise agency (Travel agent) with the cruise line directly. The cruise lines directly don’t subscribe to this smoke and mirrors playbook. Though they their marketing department gets a little creative sometimes.

This is a practice that goes back years, it has gotten a lot better these days. Unfortunately, there are still a few practitioners of this “Up to” a very large percentage off.

Below are a couple screenshots from “specials emails”.

We have even seen it has high as Ninety something percent off. If that doesn’t give you cause to pause, I don’t know what will. As a friend says, “we got some swamp land to sell you” Seriously, it is laughable when you see that advertised. Don’t get us started on the “Price Drop tool” on a certain website. It says “down 85 percent in the last week” Really?!? It’s the same price as last week. Blog post for another day.

This phantom percentage off relates to the “brochure rates”. No one pays the brochure rate. Brochure rates date back to the beginning of cruise time. It is our belief that it plays to human psychology if they say that your Balcony cabin on deck six of a 7-night Western Caribbean cruise costs $4000 but with 82% off they will let you have it for $720 per person plus tax. Doesn’t that sound better? That is part of our non-scientific reason as to why they would have started this practice in the first place. There are programming and pricing reasons the cruise lines has a set number but that’s too boring and long to explain.

In short; It is a set number for that specific cruise and depending on the time of the year the percentage is an internal adjustment to reflect the price the cruise line is selling that specific ship, sail date and cabin category. From that base, they add whatever perks they feel necessary to move the units.

This percentage has nothing to do with a “sale” the cruise reseller agency is having. Sometimes I am not sure they know what the actual percentage is. They just post on their website “up to 82% off”, “Call today!”, rates so low we can’t tell you. The chief among these agencies that use this tactic is “Vacations to…” (no name calling). Visit their site you may have to register to see the rates. Once you do register and/or make the call, some guy or gal will give you the same price available directly on the cruise line website.

So, where is that Eighty something percent off? If only this were real. It is unfortunately used as a gimmick these days by some resellers. We assume it must work for them, someone falls for it because they are still in business and have been selling cruises since Noah’s Arc.

If you would ever like to test this theory, be our guest. (Not mention any full names..but yes, we are sending you to the competition website)

Whether you book with us.. Best Site to Book a Cruise or else where. We hope you enjoyed the read and at the very least became a little wiser as a cruiser. Thank you for reading.