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best deals for discount cruisesThe Best Deals for Discount Cruises

We’ve taken our 20 years plus in the cruise industry, and true insider knowledge to provide the best deals for discount cruises. We’ve simplified the online cruise booking process, by providing lower fares while building a global community of awesome cruisers. The typical cruise booking web site typically advertises something that goes like this, “Up to 70% off!”, “Up to $1500 to spend onboard!” and the popular, “We have negotiated up to (insert random number here) for our customers!” We can tell you based on our intimate knowledge of the industry that it’s all smoke and mirrors.

Then there are the bloggers or the cruise news community sites that promise the best deals for discount cruises through “tip and tricks” or “how to cruise for cheap” in their article title. You read the article and walk away still not knowing how to save a dollar because all they tell you is to book your cruise early. This is a good tip but because they oversell the value, you expect a lot more.

In reality, you are just another lead to add to their email list. We get it, a blogger has to generate clicks and eyeballs. Their website promises “Tip and Tricks” to get your email address to send you sale emails and this is where it all ends. Now you’re probably thinking how can this be and you’re probably more confused now than before. This is exactly what most cruise industry resellers and travel agents have been banking on for years.

Here’s An Online Booking Secret – Travel Agents are Optional 

Though it seems complicated it can be done by anyone. Unless you are booking a bespoke luxury cruise itinerary with a private car waiting for you in port to whisk you and your significant other around the city for the day in the Mercedes S class, catch a private charter flight, do some hunting for a day then meet the ship at the next port of call. For that yes, please call your travel agent, though we can still save you on the cruise portion. For the rest of us, technology is such that all of the necessary information is at our fingertips in seconds.

The cruise industry is one of the last to embrace the “Do It Yourself” model. Years ago, We are sure that many thought booking your airline tickets online was “crazy talk.” Buying and selling your 100 shares of Microsoft was thought to require a stockbroker, well we all know those days are long gone. With us, there will be no hard sell technique and no bait and switch that many have grown accustomed to. We are committed to providing the best user experience possible when someone chooses our site to book their cruise.

The information about ports and ships is public knowledge and we gather that information at Best Site to Book a Cruise every day. Our cruise community can submit stories about their experiences to help other members of our cruise community. Our cruise rates are published by the cruise lines and available to everyone. No one “buys” cabins for resale as some sites would like you to think.

How To get the Best Price for Your Cruise

The truth is, to get the best price for your cruise it is best to book as early as a possible. In the event of a price reduction for the identical cruise and cabin category by the cruise line BEFORE the final payment date, so all we ask is that our guests email us immediately. Once the lower price is verified, we’ll make the adjustment to the cruise. Period.

Here’s a price comparison to give you a clearer picture of our value:


bstbac-comparison-2But the biggest value proposition for our guests is the actual discount that we provide our customers. We simply provide a code to the customer at booking (that sounds very anti-Best Site to Book a Cruise but it’s an actual 3-digit discount code) that’s entered once a cruise is selected. The fare is then reduced by a 5% (off the base cruise rate, not off port expenses and government fees). Sure, it’s not as flashy as the phantom “up to 81% off” but it’s a 5% discount from the actual price that can be booked directly on the cruise lines website. Spend $4900 for a family of four on a summer 2017 sailing Royal Caribbean cruise and the 5% saved could pay for an additional shore excursion or two.


image-1We offer true price transparency so that our members can easily plan and book their own cruises, and an improved and simplified booking process by delivering the prices directly from the cruise lines without a markup. We keep overhead low and run a tight ship. In the end, everyone wins and gets the best price available. We plan on fixing the healthcare system in the US next – just kidding.

We also believe in giving back so a percentage of every booked cruise goes to 1 of our favorite charities.

Our favorite charities include:

* The St. Jude Children’s Hospital
* American Cancer Society
* American Red Cross

We’re Always at your service!

What happens after I’ve booked my cruise here? What if you misspelled a name on your booking or wanted to choose a different dining time after booking? Heaven forbid, you need to cancel your cruise, just drop us an email! (some cruise line have cancellation penalties, please read them) If you email us during our normal business hours of 9-9pm, Monday thru Sunday, we’ll get you an answer in 60 minutes!

If you are just cruising our site, no problem and enjoy your stay. If you’d like to become a Best Site to Book a Cruise member (that sounded cool but we don’t have memberships, everyone is welcomed) and book your cruise here, we’d love to have you.

To get started, select World’s Top Cruise Lines and you’ll have access to every port, destination and your favorite ship to get you there! We are simply, the best site to book a cruise online, minus the hysteria that other sites require.

“Welcome Aboard!”

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