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Where Do I Enter My Discount Code?

Step 1. Find a cruise using the booking engine on the left of the screen (Shown in the screenshot below) Or select a cruise from one of the drop-downs. “World’s Top Cruise Lines” or “Best Cruises By Destination” or “Best Cruises By Departure Ports”



Step 2. Press “Book Now” on the cruise of your choice.



Step 3. Fill in required information indicated with red arrows. Number of Guests, Age does not have to be specific at this point, State, This where you will enter your Discount code/Coupon code. BC5 or bc5 works the same, then press “Continue”.



Step 4. Select a room type from the 4 options. Inside, Outside, Balcony or Suite. Then select the Category within that room type. Here you will see the discounted price. From here you will select your specific category. On the next page you will pick the actual room you want.

In this case for the balcony in the screenshot below. The savings were $199.90.




Step 5. Pick the room you want from the Category you selected on the page before.



Off you go from here..its filling in “Passenger Information” legal names. Date of births. Stree Address. Email address etc. Then “Billing Information”. WELCOME ABOARD!