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Which Cruise Line Do I Choose?

Choosing a cruise line is a personal choice that will depend on your lifestyle, tastes and budget.

Where Does My Money Go When I Make a Payment/Book My Cruise?

All payments go directly to the cruise line. Best Site To Book A Cruise is paid by the cruise line after our guests board their cruise

Looks like this: Cruise costs $10. Our cut of that is $1. You pay your cruise off, we get back a $1 after you sail. Or in Best Site To Book A Cruise’s case, we get back .50cents, since we gave you a discount of .50 cents in the beginning (some of what we make).

What Does The Money Bag Symbol Mean When I am Booking?

The money bag symbol means that room type or category is sold out. In some cases you may not see money bags in every category but after clicking the book button, you could receive an error saying there are no available fares or categories for this sailing. Now the entire ship is sold out.

When Is The Most Affordable Time To Cruise?

Cruises are like any other product or service; prices depend on supply and demand. The more popular date, ship and cabin are priced higher and usually sell out faster. The less flexible you are, the farther ahead you should book your cruise. If price is your main priority, then sail between September and February (excluding holiday weeks, Christmas and New Years being the peak). Typically during school vacations when more families travel, it’s a bit more expensive.

When Is Hurricane Season?

The U.S. National Hurricane Service officially designates June 1 to November 30 as hurricane season. Cruise ships have one great advantage over land-based resorts – they can adjust based on the weather!

Can Weather or Current Events Affect My Itinerary?

Cruise lines attempt to follow published schedules as closely as possible, yet this is not always feasible. Cruise lines reserve the right to change a scheduled itinerary without prior notice – safety first! Situations which may call for an itinerary change are weather, mechanical difficulties, and political tensions, to name a few. Cruise lines are not legally liable for any loss to guests by cancellation, advancement, deviation, substitution, or postponement. If an itinerary change is necessary, cruise lines may substitute another ship or port of call, however they will always attempt to keep passengers informed of changes.

If I Am On A Bottom Deck, Am I Underwater?

No, all guest cabins are above water level.

When and How Will I Receive My Travel Documents?

The majority of cruise lines utilizes Electronic Documents that you can obtain from their website once your cruise is paid in full. A few of the Luxury Lines still send physical documents in the mail such as Cunard, Oceania and Seabourn.

Which Name Should I Use If I Am Booking My Honeymoon?

Use whichever name is reflected on your Proof of Citizenship. If you are carrying several types of identification that reflect your married and maiden name, you are strongly encouraged to carry a copy of your marriage certificate to document your name change.

What Forms Of Payments Are Accepted?

All reservations must be made in U.S. dollars. Payment can be made using either a credit card or debit card. Keep in mind debit cards often have daily spending limits. We recommend checking with your bank prior to making a payment with your debit card.

When Do I Pay The Balance After I Paid My Deposit?

Your final balance will be due 60 to 90 days before the sailing date. Depending on the cruise line and length of your cruise. Please see cruise line policy section available to view once you select a specific cruise.

How and When Will I Receive My Confirmation After Booking?

Immediately after your reservation is made, you will receive an email confirmation which outlines your reservation details. Please take a few minutes to check the details, especially! Spelling of all names, Cruise Line, Ship and Sail Date.


Please see our Knowledgebase for many more answers to your questions.