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Though the title is “Valuable Lessons For Your First Cruise”, even cruise vets or those who have only cruised a couple times might find some useful information on this post. All photos courtesy of Best Site To Book A Cruise unless other wise noted. Planning and Booking 1. Budget properly. “Be prepared to spend at […]

We dropped the ball! Our sincerest apologies to our Carnival Cruisers. Apparently, Friday, Jan 27th was National Chocolate day! Who the &(&^% knew that? We thought Chocolate day was Feb 14th. (Valentine’s day)   Anyway, if you haven’t already found this on the Carnival blog……   What better way to celebrate than with the cruise […]

Emma / January 2017 UK based twenty something year old Cruise Blogger at ‘Cruising Isnt Just for Old People’. With a love for Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), we wanted Emma to share her perspective with our Best Site To Book A Cruise Audience, different name for a blog but we like it! If you’re setting off on your […]

One question we get often is… What is the 82% off I see advertised by some cruise agencies?(Insert any random percentage, the more outrageous the better) If you are like most cruisers you have signed up for a few newsletters who promise tips, tricks, and exclusive deals. Don’t confuse cruise agency (Travel agent) with the cruise […]

“Wave season” in the cruise industry is defined as January through March. Some have described it as “Black Friday” but a “three month long Black Friday”. However awesome that sounds, it is not really true in terms of prices for the consumer. Your local Best Buy may have 10 laptops selling at half the retail […]

Silver Moon Catamaran tour in Bridgetown Barbados. In our many cruise travels and those of our guests, we are always on the lookout for exceptional tours and experiences. One name that has come up a few times from our guests who visit Barbados are the guys and…. gals for the politically correct is Silver Moon. […]

Best Site To Book A Cruise’s REAL Wave promotion. This promotion is Dolphin approved!  A big THANK YOU to all of our new FaceBook cruise fans! In less than 90 days after our official November 1st 2016 launch, we crossed 1000+ cruise fans this week and will be giving away part of the house. Below […]

1. Book in Advance This is a great idea for high-season cruising. Cruises are like any product, prices are based on supply and demand. The most popular date, ship and cabin type are priced higher. Prices usually continue to go higher the more a certain ship, sail date and category sells. Per, booking in […]