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Select From One of the World’s Top Cruise Lines

Best Site to Book a Cruise’s booking engine syncs with the world’s top cruise lines so you’ll always be aware of real-time prices, cabins, best cruise destinations, allowing you to make the most informed decision. We know that many travelers select a cruise line based on destinations and cruises by departure ports. As veterans of the cruise industry who have booked thousands of cruises and communicated with even more cruise lovers, we are certain of one thing – everyone ends up choosing a favorite line. Maybe it’s more like a favorite child, all of them are good in certain ways. It may take trying a few different lines but eventually, most choose a cruise line that matches their cruise personality.

Choosing from one of the world’s top cruise lines can seem daunting especially for the first timer, given the many availably options. For most we have spoken to, once they have found a cruise line that matches their “cruise personality”, they generally cruise on that line for the majority of their cruises. They make the occasional deviation because of a friends recommendation, family reunion or wedding on a particular cruise. Or you might have outgrown the cruise line you have cruised with for the past 10 years, and maybe looking for something new. That’s a lot easier of a “problem”.

All of this is ok, we would never discourage guests from trying a different line at least once! Maybe you’ll find a new love. There are those who say “I would only cruise on “X” cruise line”, we surely understand that as well.

Below we will give a few factors to consider if you need a little help to narrow your choices.

Where do I want to go?

Cruising and the Caribbean go hand in hand but these days, even the most mainstream lines offer sailings around the globe. Not every cruise line visits every single destination but they visit more than enough to accommodate even the most demanding cruisers . Some lines are stronger than others in particular areas.

In Alaska, for instance, two lines — Princess and Holland America — dominate (owned by Carnival Corp). Though you will still be able to find an Alaska cruise aboard Carnival, Disney, Norwegian, Royal, Silversea and more. No matter what is your cruise lines choice you can still get to most destinations.

On the other hand, in the Caribbean, Carnival has always has been a leader with more cruises there from more home ports than any other line. Most cruise lines visit the Caribbean at some points throughout each year. Others like Carnival, Celebrity, Disney, MSC, NCL, and Royal you can find there year round.

How long do I want to be away?

This can influence which line and ship you choose. Some lines, such as Carnival, specialize more in shorter cruises of three to seven-night variety. Others, such as Oceania or Silversea, rarely offer a voyage of fewer than 10 nights. Also, if you are only able to get away for a short time, you should consider a cruise that leaves from a departure port closer to you, this will also dictate the cruise line.

How long you are able to get away dictates your ship choice in many cases, all cruise lines deploy their newest and biggest ships on the longer itineraries. Want to Cruise on the new Carnival or Royal Mega Ship you’ve heard so much about? Be prepared to spend a little more than a similar length cruise on another ship doing the same literary. These cruises will need at least a week of vacation time.

On the far end of the spectrum, a few lines such as Cunard, Holland America, and Silversea operate annual around-the-world cruises of 100 plus nights should you really want to get away.

What’s my Budget?

Like hotels, cruises come in a wide variety of price points dictated primarily by demand for the time you are looking to travel.

Cruise lines such as Carnival, NCL, and others on occasion offer cruises for as low as $399 per person plus tax, per week during low season. Keeping in mind that is a starting point, if that specific sailing sells well, that $399 per person cabin might cost you $499 per person if you are booking last minute.

Luxury lines such as Seabourn and Silversea can cost as much as $1,000 per person, per day. Luxury lines are not affected by “off seasons”, they are itinerary specific. A luxury cruise, however, does have it’s value.


world's top cruise linesThese in many cases include alcohol, gratuity and sometimes include some shore excursions. The ships in these cruise lines also are generally a lot smaller than the major lines. For example, Silversea Cruise Line’s Silver Cloud provides 296 guests with the luxury of space and the ability to slip in and out of exotic ports off of the beaten path and is often described by returning guests as their own private yacht.




Cruise Line Pricing

Rates for a booking on one of the world’s top cruise lines can swing significantly depending on the season (the same $399 per person cabin on the same ship will cost a lot more during the peak summer travel months, than in the fall). Also, keep in mind pricing changes are based on availability. Be aware the lead-in price you see in advertisements is often for an “inside” or “Interior” cabin (no view) and at times has an upper/lower bed setup (bunk beds). Be on the look out to read your cabin description, when booking.

For many, an interior would be perfectly fine, for the other that prefer a view, Ocean View, Balcony or Suites, know you will obviously be paying more. Once you go balcony or suite it may be hard to go back. Trust us on that one.

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